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With a huge love of travel, we encountered many hotel experiences which were usually fantastic. However, we soon found a consistent inconsistency, Room Service. Ever since starting developing the Requestr app we have never looked at Room Service in the same way again.

With some of us having ties to the hospitality industry for several years, we’ve asked questions to various hotels and customers to unlock how to make room service a better experience for everyone involved. With all these questions answered we have formulated Requestr to be as user friendly as possible, whilst reducing the amount of unnecessary work for staff, it’s a win win for everybody really!

The Requestr app allows you to offer exceptional room service efficiency without you having to go and buy expensive hardware (such as individual tablets for every room) which most solutions currently require. According to ofcom, 70% of adults in the UK own a smartphone, which we can use to engage with guests in real time. Most hotels are still using outdated legacy systems, where the telephone systems are becoming more and more outdated as technology advances.

Requestr is in its early stages, but has already gained potential customers wanting to evolve their room service operations into a more sleek and efficient system, we are excited to grow and to have you onboard. To learn more and join the fastest growing community of intelligent hoteliers please contact our team who’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

The app in detail

The app allows people to log into a specific room and submit a request for things such as room service, spa appointments, taxi bookings and more!

It’s designed around a modular fashion, like toy building blocks, that means that your hotel is able to customise every aspect of your hotel’s menus to better suit your needs and engage your client base more effectively. Our team will work with your hotel to ensure that the app’s menus are designed to your liking, containing your specific content & items; our dashboard allows you to update your content and prices on the fly (if you’re changing your menus) and our team will also be happy to make changes for you (as long as we’re given at least a week’s notice).

Every part of the app is built to be as user friendly and intuitive as possible to help customers understand it quickly without any assistance (if it was more difficult to use than the phone, there would be no point) the hotel dashboard is built to be quick and easy to use too, this should help to cause as little interruption to your staff’s work as possible and much less than a room service phone call.

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